Urban Parking Garage Full of Art

Peckham in South London is reported to be a place of choice for up-and-coming artists who are setting up studios and gallery spaces in local disused factories and warehouses.

The Hannah Barry Gallery, housed in an old cricket bat factory also hosts an annual sculpture exhibition set up in a multistory parking lot. The current exhibit, featuring a selection of 14 young sculptors from various backgrounds and countries, covers over 64,500 square feet, stretching over the four top floors of the urban parking garage as well as the rooftop.

The building (Level 7-10, Peckham Rye Multistory Car Park) was in disuse and locked up, but Ms. Barry and her associates convinced the borough of Southwark (which encloses Peckham) to lend it to them.

Because of both its size and appearance, the space is a challenge for both the gallery and artists and allows young artists to re-evaluate the size of their works. A practical advantage of such a space is that it allows many more visitors than a classical gallery format would: on the day of the recent opening, 2,500 art enthusiasts were in attendance; last year, a total of 30,000 visited the summer-long show.


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