Architects and Developers Maximize Site Development with Robotic Parking Systems

Automated parking garages offer solutions for a wide range of projects, from retail to hospitals to financial centers to mixed-use developments. These types of parking facilities are a key component in helping architects and developers maximize space in site development. The space created by parking twice as many cars in half the area can be put to better use as green space, areas for the community or even to make the project workable.

For example, a marina club needs a parking facility but only has a small footprint available on very expensive property. The garage requires a significant number of spaces but relatively low throughput. The Robotic Parking System designed for this parking facility is only 62 feet by 64 feet but can store 160 cars in a height of only 86 feet. The two entry / exit bays can store or retrieve approximately 60 cars per hour. The system provides redundancy since either vertical car lift can service every car in the facility, both entry / exit bays can be used to store or return cars and either car carrier can retrieve any car in the garage. Click here to see the Robotic Parking System design.


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