Architects and developers create space with Robotic Parking Systems

Robotic Parking Systems works with architects and developers around the world to design automated parking garages for a wide range of project ideas, from retail to hospitals to financial centers to mixed-use developments.

In many cases space is at a premium, and the project can’t go forward unless the architect can somehow “create space” to get the parking density needed. The solution – compact, robotic parking garages.

It comes down to available “footprint”. And, it’s the job of the Robotic Parking Systems’ design department to come up with parking solutions that fit within the available space.

Minimizing the impact of parking creates more space for design and development that can be used for green space, common areas for the community or other uses that benefit the project as a whole. Not only can Robotic Parking Systems park twice as many cars in half the space as compared to conventional garages, but these car parks offer more security, less emissions and greater convenience for users.

As an example, look at a preliminary automated parking design for a hotel property planned for a very limited site. In a “footprint” of only 100 feet by 230 feet we were able to offer 1,500 parking spaces. The required throughput of 440 cars per hour is achieved with eleven entry / exit bays. To stay within a height limit of 100 feet, the garage is designed with 12 levels above grade and four levels below grade.

Click here to see the design.

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