Robotic Parking Systems can help urban areas with both parking and pedestrian-friendly spaces.

In his column in Next Americn City, Yonah Freemark writes about the dynamics of downtown pedestrian malls and the various and diverse reasons for their successes and failures.

Mr. Freemark states “Even as New York City makes big news for transforming parts of 34th Street into a pedestrian mall, Sacramento is pulling back from the concept. Four decades after first closing a section of downtown’s K Street to automobile traffic, the leaders of California’s capital have had enough. They want the cars back to bring new vitality to the city’s streets to save businesses threatened by extinction due to a lack of traffic.”

Attracting people to a pedestrian-friendly urban area usually means attracting their cars. This is where Robotic Parking Systems can mitigate these contrary factors.

Because the Robotic Parking Systems garage is half the size of a comparable concrete structure there are more opportunities to centralize parking and locate it close to urban centers. The space created by this compact parking structure can be used by architects and developers for green space, pedestrian areas or other features to improve the community. Additionally, the facade of the garage can be customized to fit the architectural style of any urban neighborhood.

Always a concern in downtown areas, safety is a key benefit of automated parking garages such as Robotic Parking Systems. People don’t have to wander around dark, deserted garages. Cars are dropped off and picked up at well lighted, ground level bays.

The speed of the Robotic Parking System allows it to rapidly absorb the flow of traffic and, because people are not circling the streets searching for parking, the automated parking garage by itself reduces vehicle traffic.

Automated parking is the perfect solution for those cities that want to attract drivers to their downtown areas plus provide pedestrian-friendly spaces.


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