Robotic Parking Systems Can Improve Urban Landscapes

A recent article in the Winnepeg Free Press stated that “parking lots are asphalt deserts that create pedestrian dead zones” and are a “blot on downtown landscape.”

Winnipeg is reported to have some of the largest urban parking lots in Canada. Downtown residential population is low and the usage of public transit has declined which results in a high demand for parking for daily commuters

Developers are arguing that the redevelopment of adjacent sites can not happen successfully without the drive-up convenience of adjoining surface parking.

However, a clean, safe, walkable and interesting urban experience attracts people. Increased density and improved urban quality is a catalyst for residential growth. This in turn improves the perception of safety and provides support for new amenities and commercial activity. Downtown surface parking lots dilute all of these desirable characteristics.

The car is not the enemy, nor is the elimination of cars the solution. Successful cities manage their parking requirements with centralized parking structures that provide safety and convenience while maintaining a cohesive urban form.

Automated parking garages provide the type of centralized parking structures that improve urban landscapes. A Robotic Parking System that parks twice as many cars in half the space:

  • gives architects and developers more freedom to design and create greener and more livable communities without the need for sprawling parking lots.
  • provides safe, convenient parking that gets cars off the road and creates space that could be used for pedestrians and bicycles.
  • offers the convenience of valet parking without the valet.
  • generates less pollution and greenhouse gases.
  • provides complete flexibility in the design of the facade which can increase aesthetics and allow the garage to blend with any neighborhood or project.

Robotic Parking Systems offers solutions for urban environments that create more green space, less parking space and remove the blot on downtown landscapes.

via Winnepeg Free Press


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