Driver Reverses Car Through Wall of Parking Garage Seventh Story – This Can’t Happen With a Robotic Parking System

A driver reversed his Mercedes through a brick wall on the seventh floor of a multi-story parking garage after getting his foot stuck between the brake and the accelerator as he attempted to back into a space in the Bank of America building’s parking garage in Tulsa, OK.

While no one was hurt, around half a dozen vehicles parked below were hit with bricks from up to 70 feet in the air. More damage was averted as the car came to rest with its trunk hanging out of the building.

One woman said the roof and windows of her 2008 Toyota Corolla had been smashed by the falling debris. “Basically, everything has been damaged but the back bumper.”

This can’t happen with a Robotic Parking System. You drop off and pick up your car at well lighted, ground level entry / exit stations. No one enters or drives within the inside of the garage since the vehicles are moved via a computerized system of machines and lifts. Automated parking garages offer safety and security.


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