Abu Dhabi Building Offices, Airports and New Automated Parking Facilities

While building in Dubai has slowed and in some cases stopped, expansion in Abu Dhabi (the capital of the United Arab Emirates) has continued. Office buildings, homes, airports and new parking facilities continue to be planned and built as the city pushes its borders.

Because Abu Dhabi’s economy relies on oil, and not tourism like Dubai, it is inherently more stable as there is no expected major downturn in the price of a barrel of oil. And, most of those revenues flow to the government which finances most of the development projects there.

Eng. Najib Al Zarooni, General Manager of Parking at Abu Dhabi’s Department of Transport, said “We have issued tenders for the provision of alternative car parking structures in a number of areas around the city, this includes two automated car parks in Tourist Club Area and Salam Street and two temporary steel structures. Other tenders will be issued throughout 2010 to make additional available parking spaces in Abu Dhabi”

Robotic Parking Systems are particularly well suited for urban parking in such an area. An automated car park creates more space that architects and developers can use for green space, more aesthetic design or to improve the community. In addition to better space utilization, automated parking systems reduce carbon emissions as well as protect vehicles from sand, harsh sunlight and other damaging elements.

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