United Kingdom Sets Policies to Control Carbon Emissions – Robotic Parking Systems Can Help Reduce Greenhouse Gases

The United Kingdom is reported to be implementing regulations that are specifically designed to control carbon emissions, and not just for commercial buildings. The government has set a target of 60% reduction of its total CO2 emissions by 2050. Every household in the United Kingdom will need to reduce resources consumed to meet this challenge.

Additionally, Great Britain has already adopted policies that require all new housing stock to be Carbon Neutral by the year 2016. They are working towards implementing carbon taxes to motivate companies to look closely at the way that they consume energy and goods, and reward citizens that show initiative in responding to this crisis. The act of carbon counting is beginning to permeate a multitude of sectors in the UK.

Robotic Parking Systems offers parking solutions that help reduce carbon emissions. In a car park recently opened in Dubai, CO2 emissions were reduced by more than 100 tons per year with comparable reductions in other pollutants and greenhouse gases. It additionally saved 9,000 gallons of gasoline per year contributing significantly to a reduced carbon footprint.


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