Automated & Mechanical Parking Association

The Automated & Mechanical Parking Association (AMPA) held its annual meeting Sunday, March 7th in Chicago.

This organization is made up of automated parking manufacturers, parking consultants and other related companies. Its purpose is to a) serve the public by providing safe and reliable alternative solutions to urban parking needs, and b) facilitate the growth and prosperity of the automated and mechanical parking industry.

Recently members of the association worked with NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) to successfully incorporate the needs of the automated parking industry into international fire codes.

They are currently working on code change proposals for the IBC (International Building Code).

Click here for more information on AMPA.

One thought on “Automated & Mechanical Parking Association”

  1. Excellent information on this Blog. The guys that pioneered the first few fully automated garages will, no doubt, be remembered for their breakthrough. As in all such quantum leaps in technology, the pioneers will also have critics who want to bring them down. AMPA should serve as a good forum, well represented by those pioneers who have actual hands on experience and should to validate actual production. Validation of breakthroughs begets more of the same and keeps the show on the road.

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